April 11, 2019

I just reread the mental breakdown that was last night’s post and… oof. A true drama queen.

Today didn’t really feel much different. My emotions were definitely more manageable. Thank goodness. I wasn’t any happier than I was yesterday, but thankfully, I wasn’t any sadder, either. Little victory, I suppose.

I wasn’t going to write anything down today. Not because there wasn’t anything good to note, but because I couldn’t tell if this whole “passion project” of mine was worth it. I didn’t cry today, so what’s the point of turning the Internet into my diary?

Thankfully, there’s Ian. Hi, Ian. He’s holding me accountable. Much appreciated.

The Bad

  • Haven’t totally mentally or emotionally recovered from yesterday. I know that’s going to take a bit of time.
  • Skin is peeling from a new allergy medication.
  • Went to the gym zero times this week. Big sigh to that.
  • Have yet to become best friends with anyone in the Phillies clubhouse.
  • Oh, and the Phillies didn’t play tonight.

The Good

  • Slept in. It felt fantastic.
  • Spent my morning chatting with People’s “Sexiest Veterinarian Alive” – because, yeah. It’s a thing. No, I will not confirm. Nor will I deny.
  • Took a nice walk outside to pick up my lunch: Extra spicy beef bulgogi.
  • Convinced two of my co-workers to watch the Phillies play the Mets in New York on April 23. One is a Braves fan. One is a Dodgers fan. Both are very supportive pals to have.
  • Successfully completed two circuits that used to make me want to barf. I 100% still thought I was going to barf, but at least I finished the workouts in their entirety. Okuuurrt.
  • Found out that I had a whopping $41 in cashback rewards. How much money spent to earn that amount, I would rather not know.
  • Forced my roommate to join me on a late night expedition for ice cream… before remembering that I gave ice cream up for Lent… so I got fruit pops instead. And Takis. And Mango Orange sparkling water. #DIET.

The Takeaway

I have a roof over my head, a job that I enjoy, a support system that encourages me beyond belief, food in my belly (maybe too much), 2-ply toilet paper, and Christmas sheets still on my bed.

Life can still be good, even when days are bad.